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Bosnia and Herzegovina Marketing

Digital marketing in Bosnia and Herzegovina with us can help your business to reach a new level. Such as advertisement videos on our screens in the top 10 of popular locations such as coffee shops and restaurants in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. While people are sitting, they can know about the products and services of your business.


Bronze Package
Start from 111 KM

2100 Seconds/Day with discount up to 50%, our screens in 10 famous locations in Sarajevo
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Silver Package
Start from 157.23 KM
3150 Seconds/Day with discount up to 55%, our screens in 10 famous locations in Sarajevo
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Gold Package
Start from 197.34 KM
4200 Seconds with discount up to 60%, our screens in 10 famous locations in Sarajevo
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Our Service

Our team of Digital Marketing, in general, will give you full service of marketing and advertising in BiH. The goal is not just to be clients and partners, we want to be part of your success.
One of our primary services is media in restaurants and coffee shops, new kinds of advertising, which affect very good to possible clients and consumers, while at the same time, they lunch or enjoying their favorite drinks.



Our Goal

The main goal is to retain youth in our home country and to provide employment opportunities for them. Due to the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are trying to make a story of our small company that will surely intrigue everyone, both entrepreneurs and all young people in BiH. We aim to expand and thrive side by side with all our partners.




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